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The MPhil Education program aims to: 1- Produce well-rounded young professionals with sound knowledge of linguistics and literature. 2- Develop a deep understanding of the contemporary issues in literature and linguistics. 3- Serve as a nursery of future teachers.

The MPhil Education program is focused on exposing students to innovative research and practice in the leadership, management and administration of educational institutions. Taught by experienced teachers and active researchers in the field, this program explicitly integrates theory and practice to enable graduates to apply the latest research to refine and improve practice in their own contexts. Graduates may find opportunities in the following areas. * Head or Leading Teacher positions * Assistant or Deputy Principal Positions * School Principal; Educational Administrators * Academic Managers * Curriculum leaders

45% marks in Annual System or 2 CGPA in Semester System. * GAT/Departmental Admission/Entry Test shall be conducted by the Department as per schedule

Fee per Semester : Rs. 115000/-

MPhil Education program is for individuals who aspire to positions of professional educational leadership or to a career in educational research. The program focuses on extending knowledge and research expertise of students through scientific inquiry. To accomplish these objectives, the program offers challenging curricula, a variety of teaching-learning methodologies and a supportive academic environment. Here we provide an inspiring environment to improve practices of teaching and examination. We are also committed to provide academic leadership which can contribute to the policies and practices in education according to our social, psychological and ideological needs.