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It offers the fundamental ideas of Islamic standards to comprehend the establishments of Islamic Legal Framework. It builds up the capacity to examine every day happening issues and to convey their answers for the general public. It enhances the connection amongst sciences and religion. It decreases the questions which give the thought that Computer Technology innovations can be challenging for the development of religion. It brings Islamic audience nearer to one another with advanced technology.

This program, over the long-run will lead students to M. Phil in the discipline. This program is intended to center instructive and authoritative humanism in Islamic viewpoint; subsequently, accomplishing the national objectives of dynamic and maintainable society.

14 Years of Education (BA/B.Sc/ BCom/ADP or equivalent) with at leats 45% in the terminal degree.

Fee per Semester : Rs. 42500/-

Contemporary Muslims have learnt how to utilize Computer Technology to acquire Islamic materials. Computer Technology (CT) has without a doubt become the focal drive for the development of a cutting edge society. Such materials are accessible in word, sound and video shapes through computerized content or by means of intelligent talk rooms and gatherings. Such materials incorporate the interpretation of the Qur'an, Tajweed, Hadith, and Tafseer. This degree contends that Computer Technology not just makes Islamic writing all around open, yet additionally accept a fundamental part in spreading Islam everywhere the world and clearing up the misunderstandings of non-Muslims.