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The BS English program aims to: 1- Produce well-rounded young professionals with sound knowledge of linguistics and literature. 2- Develop a deep understanding of the contemporary issues in literature and linguistics. 3- Serve as a nursery of future teachers.

English is an important discipline in social sciences. Therefore, graduated students of English Department have ample opportunities in the competitive job market. The following is the summary of possible fields. Newscasters, Reporters, Writers, Columnists etc. in Media Industry Inspirational Speakers Experts in English Language Courses: IELTS, TOFL, TEFL etc. Educational Management and Administration Career Counseling Career Opportunities in Schools, Colleges and Universities Teacher Training Institutes Human Resources Development Centers Professional Institutes Dept. of Health Education Research Industry NGO based Organizations

12 years of education (Intermediate or equivalent) with at least 45% marks, in case of O/A Levels, equivalence from IBCC shall be required.

Fee per Semester : Rs. 87500/-

The Department of English is one of the auspicious departments in the faculty of Social Science of the International Institute of Science, Arts and Technology. This department was inaugurated when university opened its gate for students to learn and grow. The department of English offers its services for undergraduate degree program in English and incorporates hundreds of students. The curricula for the degree program are designed to prepare manpower needed for the economic development of the country. The Department of English is offering BS-English program. BS English program aims to provide students with a broad base of learning and scholarship to suit their respective interests and aptitudes. The program, which has duration of four years and eight semesters, also intends to help the students in determining their future professional directions. For the first year, the students are taught elective courses of both linguistics and literature. However, in the next years of their study, the students are offered to choose a major from literature and linguistics. BS English program introduces certain new courses both in linguistics and literature to acquaint the students with the modern trends, research and scholarship around the world.