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BS Biotechnology program provide a unique opportunity to the students to study all aspects of modern technology and research using various molecular biotechnology techniques to treat and cure disorders at organism level. The program provides an opportunity to tailor coursework and research activities to fit the career goals of individual students. Our graduates are well-equipped to tap the vast opportunities available in academia, biotechnology industry and research domains. The curricula for the degree program are designed to prepare manpower needed for the economic development of the country. The major focus of the university is to impart technologies which could be used gainfully by graduates for employment or for further education.

Biotechnology is the combination of different emerging technologies with biology to meet essential requirements of human beings in every discipline of life including medicines, disease diagnosis and treatment, food production, animal breeding technologies, implantation of synthetic organs & body parts and many more. With the advancement of modern world technology, Biology also adopts new ways to grow and serve humanity under the broad spectrum of Biotechnology. This continuous emerging field has fuse its applications with physics, electronics, nanotechnology, chemistry, biochemistry, physiology and marine science to play its influential and prominent role to rule on every emerging industry of the world. Biotechnology gives different prospective of science to make new things by using technology. Enlisted are the few emerging domains of biotechnology in Pakistan and foreign countries. Synthetic Biology and Bioinformatics. Genetic Engineering. Clinical Biotechnology including Cancer Biology. Recombinant Vaccine and Personalized Medicines. Agriculture and Animal husbandry. Nanobiotechnology and Enzyme Technology. Environmental Biotechnology. Drug design and Pharma industry. Bio processing companies/Fermentation Industry. Forensic Sciences and DNA Fingerprinting.

12 years of education (Intermediate or equivalent) with at least 45% marks, in case of O/A Levels, equivalence from IBCC shall be required.

Fee per Semester : Rs. 96500/-

Department of Biotechnology is one of the primary departments in the faculty of Science, International Institute of Science, Arts and Technology. Its initial setup was laid down when university opened its gate for students to learn and grow. Department of biotechnology offers its services for undergraduate degree program in Biotechnology and have more than 300 students in the department. The curricula for the degree program are designed to prepare manpower needed for the economic development of the country. International Institute of Science, Arts and Technology is going to launch MS/MPhil Biotechnology and BS Bioinformatics degree programs to broaden the spectrum of Biotechnology department of International Institute of Science, Arts and Technology in the region. Department of Biotechnology has state-of-the-art laboratory that is fully equipped with all required and latest equipment to support the offered programs. The research programs of the department are based on recent developments at the frontiers of knowledge.