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The program will enable the students•To develop learning capabilities of students with knowledge of concepts, theories, application and practices associated with the computer science field.•To prepare students with an innovative practices related to computer science application and enhance the programming skills for solving computer science operations•To provide student with an ability to use and analyse software programs tools effectively.•To provide student with awareness of ethical, social, interpersonal and communication skills effectively.•To develop eLearning student with refinement of analytical, logical and critical thinking.•To prepare eLearning student with an ability to proper use of electronic media technologies for interacting with teachers appropriately in virtual environment.•Those students who want to continue their studies and transfer to BS program, they can easily transferred to BS-CS (hons) program without any bridging semesters.

Associate degree program graduates possess the knowledge and skills necessary to qualify for several different positions. Some of these titles include:•Database Administrator•Web Developer•Computer Support Consultant•Datacenter Operations Support•Local- And Wide-area Network Administrator•Help Desk Analyst•Network Support Technician•Technical Support, Specialist

Weight age for ADP(CS) is as under:•12 year of education with ICS and pre-Eng. with minimum 33% marks

Fee per Semester : Rs. 87500/-

The field of computer science leads to a variety of careers that all require core computer science skills. These skills include theoretical learning as well as programming in different computer languages. Thereafter, within the field, areas of specialty lead into careers including computer programming, computer science, database management, and applications developer. With the internet being an integral part of everyday life.Students also gain a technical foundation for a user support role. Employment opportunities for positions such as application programmer, systems programmer, systems analyst, and software engineer have traditionally been reserved for graduates with a BS in Computer Science. However, due to the rapid growth in computer technology, there are now many job opportunities for Associate Degree holders. Typical entry-level positions include technical support specialist, network technician, database application specialist, PC technician, and Help Desk technician. Interested individuals may also choose to pursue a bachelor's degree in computer science and become computer software engineers, advanced computer programmers or systems managers or administrators.