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Department of Sciences

Biological Study is the study of life that draws almost everyone's attention. It is a broad-based biology department that builds an interactive community with continuous knowledge and understanding about the natural world from the global ecosystems down to molecular interactions.
The Department of Biological Sciences is dedicated to advance our understanding of the structure and function, and the generation of state-of-the-art new modern tools and techniques to address the emerging problems facing entire living organisms. The connection will be forged between molecules, cells, followed by the tissues, organs, organisms, populations and ecosystems describing all the levels and pathways of biological interactions.
The Biological department emphasizes integrated research and teaching skills to generate opportunities for novel synergisms in the training of upcoming leaders in the field of biology to draw a linkage between industry and academia.
We have a very interactive and vibrant faculty who perform innovative and effective cutting-edge research to solve the mysterious questions in relevance of life sciences, medicines, biotechnology, biochemistry, zoology, agriculture, and environmental change. Our dynamic research environment brings together the principal investigators and graduate students who share their expertise, equipment and infrastructure, resources and inspiration to investigate modern era biological problems.